The Brass Ceiling

by Wolff and Tuba

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released January 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Wolff and Tuba New York, New York

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Track Name: Body
I had all the time I needed to live until I nearly died
And now I do not know how to live nor how I will survive

Only you can have it all…

A world that I did not create
A life that I cannot escape
A body which no longer is
Mine to do with as I please

I occupy a vessel that no longer follows my commands
A hollow shell I once trusted but now has let me down
I have no one who understands no one with whom I can confide
No one who can ever know how truly weak I am
No one knows how scared I have become since I’ve lost faith in me

Without you I do not know if I would sink or swim
Without you this mean old world would tear me limb from limb

Don’t pretend you do not see
All the ways that we are codependent
My body has failed me twice
Passion cannot reside where lust is ice
Track Name: Bury Me
It’s all coming down find your way to the ground

All the signs say it’s all gone to hell
All my fears are out of control
All my dreams have fled underground
Buried beneath this broken earth

Why don’t you join me in my sleep
Comfort me in my empty grave
Bury me deep down in the ground
Bury me beneath this broken earth

There always comes a time when you think love is gone
You must help me to carry on
Please help me carry on

There is no way out of this crumbling grave
Lie back and you will see out to the blue skies above
Close your eyes and you will not have to see as the earth covers you up
Hold your breath and you will feel nothing as you are buried alive
Track Name: Broken Words
Walk this Talk this Try this and See this
Bring this Mean this Drop this and Scream this
Give this Serve this Rate this Create this
Hate this Break this Mend this and End this

I’ve had my fill of these broken words

Meet this Greet this Treat this and Beat this
Seize this Please this Tease this and Leave this
Drink this Eat this Down this compound this
Fake this Slake this Make this and Take this

I’ve had my fill of these broken words

Keep this Cast this Blast this Outlast this
Crack this Pack this Stack this Contact this
Rest this Address this Send this Defend this
Feel this Need this Cease this Police this

I’ve had my fill of these broken words
Someday I’ll see what they mean to me
Track Name: I Believe
I believe in you
You can do anything you put your mind to
You’re beautiful
Don’t ever let the world convince you otherwise

When the world wears you down
Remember my faith in you
That you will live a life of great renown

When the world makes you doubt
Who you are and how you see yourself
You need someone to say
That you light up their day

I’ll be the one
To say that you shine like the sun

Someday you’ll be who you want to be
Someday you will never doubt yourself
Someday you’ll believe in who you are
‘til then trust in me to see you through
the days you cannot see what to do
wake up and you will see yourself
just the way that I see you

When you’re lonely and afraid to see who you’ve become
Take heart that what I see in you is not done

I believe in you
You can do anything you put your mind to
You’re beautiful
Don’t ever let the world convince you otherwise
You’re everything that I could ever want
I believe in you
Track Name: The Big Lies
Trying to give up
Believing the big lies
I’m telling to myself
To get me to realize

This is the way it is and there’s no-
Thing I can do to change the way we are
Year after year and miles apart
It was over before it could start that much is clear

Try and avert the way that I see
All of the ways you say that you believe
Your words mean so much more than my words
Your word is the word that the world lives by
Track Name: What I See
I’ll never give up and I’ll never give in and I’ll
Never let no one know that I have my doubts that
One day I’ll be what today I can see
Is the person I imagine when I open my eyes
I will realize and I will recognize
I can see all the lies propin’ up the crumblin’ skies
Never give out and never give off
Any sign I feel afraid that I will fail myself

It’s all over now ‘cause I will
Never attain what I still
See as the man that I’ll be
When I stare down my lingering fears

I’ll never grow up and I’ll never grow old and I’ll
Never grow in to the man that you
Want me to be and need me to see
In the mirror is the reflection of a man I can’t recognize
I might never get rich and I might never find fame
I might never be a man with a pension plan
But this is who I am and this is who I’ll be
And I will live this way until my dying day

I can see clearly through the
Lives I have lived in my mind
Walls have come down and I am
Free to believe that one day
I will become what I see
Track Name: Silence
All the ways the silence speaks to me
Between the words I see your misery

The Silence calls out to me

All the sounds of whispered plots I fear
Follow the signs and it will be made clear

The silence calls out your name

I can see the end of all our history
From the time we met and I fell in love with you
To the time you crashed your heart down to the ground
Silence falls and life will never be the same
Can’t you let it go The silence breaks my heart

Whisper the words the sun shines bright and clear
All my life the clouds made hard to hear

The silence calls out my name
Track Name: Addition by Subtraction
All that you know is not all that there is
Believe what you must to get you through your days
It’s never enough ‘cause it’s always come down
To our last mistaken belief in a sound

Addition by subtraction is the only way
I can create the process by which I compute
Addition by subtraction and I’ll finally know
The freedom of a life that I would like to live

Year after year trapped in the belly of the white whale
Trying to imagine what’s going on upstairs
In the minds of two people I’ve never understood
Their dreams and their fears are no longer my concern